Worship Services at Mayfield Salisbury

Our weekly Sunday service times are 9.30am for an All-Age Service and 10.45am for Traditional Worship Service.  Occasionally, these two services are combined for a joint service at 10.30am

Our contemplative Evening Services are (for the moment) held once a month on a Sunday at 7.00pm. Youth Worship Services are also held at this time.

On Tuesdays each week at 10.00am, we hold a short service of Morning Prayers  

For a current list of dates, please check our diary here and for more detailed service information, please check here. 

If you have any questions, please do contact the Church Manager on 0780 801 1234 / churchmanager@googlemail.com

We very much look forward to welcoming you!

Face Masks - It is no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask in the sanctuary. However, we recognises that mask wearing is still desirable for our communal safety, certainly while the infection rates are relatively high, and that there will be those who will want to continue to wear one.

To protect the choices which those attending church wish to make, some distinction between those with masks and those without is desirable. Therefore, the following arrangements will apply for the moment:

1. Those who wish to wear a mask will be invited to sit in the middle or rear part of the sanctuary (and they should keep their mask on when singing).

2. Those who wish to sing without wearing a mask will be invited to sit in the front part of the sanctuary.

3. Hand sanitiser will continue to be available.

If in any doubt please ask a member of the welcome team.