The idea for this CD came out of a genuine need for some musical support for our Minister and Pastoral Assistant when leading worship in residential situations. CDs of hymns tend to be pitched rather high and sung at a pace elderly people find difficult.We were considering ways to celebrate the importance of faith in our lives as we get older, and putting this CD together seemed one way of doing just that.

Many older people love to sing along to hymns and still know the words and tunes that have nourished them throughout a long life, and continue to nourish them. Indeed music may be the part of their memory which is still most intact and singing favourite hymns undoubtedly raises the spirit. The hymns, suitable for leading worship with older people, were recorded at Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, Edinburgh by the Mayfield Radio Unit.

Would you like a copy?
We offer this CD as a simple gift from a small, amateur choir. Where appropriate, we have used the older versions of wording.

To obtain a copy contact the church office and speak to the Church Manager, William Mearns on 0131 667 1522 or  

The word sheets which go with it can be download here.

Details of our 2011 Celebration of Ageing and Faith can be found Here.