2 April 2024

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Towards Our Union

Each month, an information sheet titled 'Towards Our Union' will be published giving an up-to-date account of the progress and position of the discussions. The current and past issues may be read here as pdf files:

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New Congregational Name - Newington Trinity

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the indicative vote on the proposed name for the new congregation. There was a clear result with each congregation choosing 'Newington Trinity' over the other suggestions. The percentage in favour was (figures rounded): Craigmillar Park: 57%; Mayfield Salisbury: 48%; Priestfield 42%. When all of the votes were combined over the three congregations, the overall percentage for 'Newington Trinity' was 48%. The nearest alternative to 'Newington Trinity' was almost half of that total, at 26% of the combined votes.

We will now engage with Presbytery to confirm approval of this name and, in due course after the Basis of Union is agreed, with OSCR. We are aware of the wish of many to preserve the history of the congregations merging into the new union and we are grateful for the various suggestions received. We will reflect further on how these might be taken forward.

With God’s blessings

Union Steering Group



The two new “Union Teams” have begun to meet and will need to address issues such as existing staff, music, worship and so on. The future roles for youth work and pastoral care would also feature. Sandy is co-chairing both teams with the other Ministers from Priestfield (Donald Scott) and Craigmillar Park (Alex McAspurren). The Mayfield Salisbury representatives were (on Mission) Anette Hagan and Alastair MacGilchrist; (on integration) John Graham, Steve Holehouse, George Whyte. There were 6 members on each team and across the teams there was an equal male/ female balance.

The target date of 1 January 2024 was dependent on progress being made in drawing up the Basis of Union. If this could be achieved it would enable investment decisions in the remaining buildings to be carried forward. It was understood that funds released from the sale of buildings could be used for fabric and mission once the union had been agreed and subject to the approval of the General Trustees and Presbytery.

Helping members, especially the elderly, attend worship and other events was important to consider and would be reviewed by the Union Teams.

Suggestions for the name of the new congregation are still invited. I am recording every suggestion and where duplicated I am noting the weighting in favour. The initial deadline for suggestions to me was Wednesday 1 March (at clerkmspc@gmail.com) but Sandy and I are happy to receive any late suggestions. However, the Union Steering Group will be reviewing all suggestions in the near future to select a few options for congregations to consider further.

If you wish to comment please contact me at clerkmspc@gmail.com 

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