Mayfield Salisbury is an associate member of Edinburgh Inter-faith Association, an organisation which was formed in 1989 to promote and facilitate positive engagement between the faith communities of our religiously and culturally diverse city.

Their web site can be accessed here where details of the many events they host can be found. 

As the EIFA web site explains, the aims of the association are based on the fact that the global community faces challenging times in which dialogue, mutual respect, understanding, co-operation, and creative engagement between faith communities have become new priorities to foster a culture of peace. Within our city and wider neighbourhood we have the opportunity to reflect, enter into dialogue and look to what we can do as individuals or as communities to promote harmony, co-operation and respect within the city we live and beyond. 

The activities they organise include a wide range of events such as public talks; seminars; local conferences; film screenings; commemorative and international day events. Other services they offer include advice, facilitation, representation, mediation and publishing.

They have a close working relationships with the Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council and other local authorities, police and public health services, higher education institutions, schools, equalities and human rights organisations, national and international faith based organisations.

If you are keen to be a volunteer you are asked to contact them with details of any particular interests, skills or support you can offer.

Edinburgh Interfaith Association,
18 West  Mayfield,
Edinburgh, EH9 1TQ