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WEEKLY INTIMATIONS  The weekly intimations from the Order of Service each Sunday can be found here under 'Publications'

E-MAIL DATABASE  Occasional e-letters are sent out to our worshippers. If you would like to receive these please contact the church manager William Mearns This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All e-letters are sent out blind copy so your address remains private

YOUTH EVENTS - Details on our Youth Page


Newington Churches Together.  This year’s Lent Study Groups are using the selection of BBC Radio 4’s popular ‘Lent Talks’, recently published as a booklet by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK). The essays, by six different writers, offer fresh perspectives on the life and death of Christ, in preparation for Easter – whatever your background, knowledge, or faith.
If you would like to take part in these ecumenical house groups in Newington using this book in the 6 weeks from Monday 12 February to Sunday 25 March (Palm Sunday),  please get in touch with Ann Thanisch of Craigmillar Park Church (0781 494 9468; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 100 St Albans Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2PG) who can advise you on times and places..


 Tuesday, 13 March 2018 at 2.30 – 3.45 pm in the Upper Hall via West Mayfield level access followed by Tea and Fellowship. Officiating :  Revd. Scott McKenna
Our mid-week services are especially appreciated by the less mobile in our parish community.  Assistance is given on arriving and leaving and we all remain seated at our tea tables throughout the afternoon. If you would appreciate further information or extra assistance please ask your Pastoral Visitor (PV), any Elder or Anne Sturrock.  Everyone always made most welcome. The next Afternoon Service is on Tuesday 15th May during Christian Aid Week.


This is taking place on Friday 16 March in the quadrangle of Edinburgh City Chambers in the High Street. We want to challenge all participants to catch a glimpse of what it means to experience homelessness and to aim for a target pledge of £100. All of the money raised will go towards providing Bethany services which are so desperately required across Scotland. These services save lives-for example each £100 raised would provide 5 bed nights in Bethany’s Winter Care Shelter for rough sleepers.  Full details including registration are on the website link: www.bigsleepout.co.uk  Join with us and help end homelessness in Scotland, one person at a time.  Chris McNeil


On Sunday 4 March 2018, Mayfield Salisbury Church hosts a viewing of an exhibition of photographs from EIFA, the ‘Our Story Project’. The Project collected together people’s memories and stories of faith communities in Edinburgh, through oral history interviews. You will see photographs celebrating members of Edinburgh’s population, our richly diverse city. Some have settled, and some were born here. These are folk who have met together through community meals, talks and visits to different places of worship to meet and learn from each other.

The exhibition was displayed in the Scottish Parliament, at the Museum of Edinburgh and in many schools, colleges and community centres. We invited EIFA to bring the exhibition to our church on Sunday 4 March, accompanied by Carrie Alderton of EIFA, creator of the exhibition. Carrie will be on hand to answer any questions, for which we are most grateful.                                                                            /

You are encouraged to enjoy this chance to learn about the interconnected traditions and cultures of folk living and working among us.



Fr. Tony Flannery, the Irish priest, writer and founding member of the Association of Catholic Priests of Ireland is coming to speak in Edinburgh twice in the next few weeks. On Wednesday 28 February, he will speak at Edinburgh University, Meadows Lecture Theatre, Doorway 4, Old Medical School, Teviot Place, EH8 9AC on Celibacy, Sexuality and the Crisis in the Priesthood. This meeting starts at 7.00pm and finished about 9.00pm.  On Tuesday 6 March, he will speak at the Newman Association meeting, here in the Upper Hall, The  Language of Doctrine.  This meeting starts at 7.30pm and finishes about 9.30pm.


Saturday 17 March 2018: 11.00 - 15.00 MAF’s brand-new floatplane, an amphibious Cessna 208, is coming to Scotland before leaving for Bangladesh. It can be seen on 17 March at the beautiful water-side location of the Lodge at Loch Lomond, Luss, G83 8PA, where MAF’s Scottish team and seaplane pilot Chad Tilley will welcome you in the Glenn Luss Suite.  Here you can find out more about the aircraft and its proposed service in Bangladesh – one of the poorest and most vulnerable countries in the world. For catering purposes and because the visit must be subject to weather conditions, you are asked to register attendance and check on the day by contacting the Scottish MAF Office on 0141 332 5222 or on line (www.maf-uk.org/flyingvisit and then click on the long box about the Scottish visit). 

            ASSISI 2018  

For the past 27 years I have been leading group trips to Assisi, birthplace of its most famous son, Francis.  Assisi is truly a holy and blessed place. Indeed it is one of those 'thin places' where the veil between time and eternity is as thin as gossamer. Few people spend time in Assisi without catching something of the spirit of St Francis and being captivated by the peace and beauty and charm of the town in which he was born.  A key factor in the success of what I might call 'the Assisi experience' is where we live, namely, the convent guest-house of the Sisters of Santa Brigida. The sisters can only be described as 'angels of hospitality'. They lavish love and care on us in abundant manner. The food they serve is excellent. But what appeals most is the feeling that we have been welcomed into their home as honoured guests - so much so that we feel part of their family. At the same time I would not wish to give the impression that we meander forth from the convent guest-house looking awfully pious and holy!!! The Assisi experience is also a fun experience seasoned with much laughter and conviviality and warm companionship.  Sitting at a cafe in the main square sipping a chilled glass of Prosecco is something we all relish.
I am already planning Assisi 2018. The dates are 26 August to 6 September. I would be delighted to welcome on board some members from Mayfield Salisbury and have the opportunity of introducing you to 'the Assisi experience'. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed! I can be contacted by email for further information on:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Unfortunately I cannot be contacted by phone as an incident happened in my Edinburgh flat, while I was in Rome serving as locum at St Andrew's Church of Scotland - an incident which resulted in major flooding!! Needless to say it is non-habitable at the moment. Tom Cuthell
Minister Emeritus, St Cuthbert's Parish, Edinburgh


Would you like time to reflect on, listen to and contemplate God in your life?  Join Heather Mole and a small group of people in the Quiet Room for an hour of peaceful reflection.  We use audio guides to explore imaginative prayer using Bible stories, leave time for quiet reflection and share briefly at the end.  All are welcome.  If you have any concerns or questions please email Heather on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0131 662 6567, otherwise please simply attend when you are able.  Bring a journal and pen if you like.
The group will meet at 8.00pm in the Church House one Thursday a month from now until the June (breaking for the summer), the Thursdays we will meet are: 22 February, 15 March, 19 April, 24 May and 21 June.


Tuesdays at 7.30pm,  27 March 2018; 8 May 2018; 12 June 2018.



Held on Sunday evenings in the south transept at 7.00pm and lasting about 40 minutes this service is a quiet peaceful worship space which allows time for reflection in a busy world. Although it takes a variety of forms, including the celebration of Holy Communion and Godly Play, it is always a service of silence, prayer, Scripture, meditation and music.


 Morning prayers each week in the south transept on Tuesdays from 9.30am to 9.50am.   Following the Church of Scotland’s Order for Daily Devotion, the service comprises silence, prayers and readings.   If you are able, this is a good opportunity to ground yourself in God during the week.   All welcome.


Short services of worship are held regularly, usually on Tuesday afternoons, for those who find it difficult to attend other services. These are particularly appreciated by our older worshippers.   They are held in the Upper Hal, which has level access, and also allows worsippers to remain in their seats during the service and afterwards when tea is served. The next afternoon service is on Tuesday, 13 March, 2018, 2.30pm.


In 2015 Mayfield Salisbury started a small group to support people whose lives are affected by memory loss or dementia and those who care for them. We hope that this will be of interest and support to members of the congregation and equally to people in the local community. If you would like more information, or would like to volunteer at the monthly meetings – First Friday of the month from 2.30pm to 4.00pm – please speak to Sandra Carter on a Sunday morning or by phone 0131 6676052 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,uk


__04.12.13_014.jpgWe are primarily a friendship club and open to all retired ladies and gentleman in the area. The team have a full programme of entertainment for you to enjoy, to say nothing of the wonderful tea and cake! We would be delighted if you would like to join us. We meet in the hall at 200pm on Thursdays from October to May.
1   Senga Andrews: Travels in India
8   David Gavine: The Green Man
15 Murray Chalmers: The Top of the Bus Par t 2
1   Kathleen Hendry: Travels In Albania
8   Catherine Booth: Edinburgh Ladies of Science
15  Jean MacGilchrist: The Bethany Van and Street Pastors
22  Springwell Choir


IMG_5660.JPGCraft Moments is for people who enjoy knitting and other craft activities. It meets in Church House at Mayfield Salisbury on Thursday mornings at 10.00am, fortnightly.  If you would like to join us knitting sweaters for Africa, tea cosies for home or squares for blankets, we would be delighted.  No expertise required! Come and join us for coffee and chat. No expertise required!  All welcome. More details are available here under 'Activities'.
The new session starts on Thursday 17 September from 10am to 12 noon in Church House.  We meet to knit and natter.   So far, we have sent 3 large packs of baby sweaters and hats to Malawi as well as supplying hats and scarves for the homeless through Bethany.  There is plenty of wool and needles and no expertise is needed.  Come along for coffee & chat. Sandra Carter and Hilary Watkinson


All walks start promptly at 10.00am from Mayfield Salisbury Church unless stated otherwise.
Further details of this group are available on the Activities page.
Wed 7 Dalkeith Country Park 3-4mls Morley Sewell 672 2077. 10.00am at Church. No 3 or 49 Bus – easy walking on good paths
Sat 17 Ferry Toll to Rosyth 5mls Bob McNie 667 9391. 9.25am at St Andrews Sq. Bus Station for X55 Destination Dunfermline
Mon 26 Haddington Town Walk 3mls Jenny McCallum 667 2888. 9.50am Waterloo Place for 10.04 Bus 104 Destination Haddington


eifa_logo_whiteonblack_lst107070_t.jpgMayfield Salisbury Parish Church is an associate member of Edinburgh Inter-faith Association. Details of the events they organise can be found on their website. Their magazine is available in the Mayfield Salisbury Church vestibule.  An informal way to encounter others of the Faiths is to come along to one of the community meals held on the first Monday of the month 6.30pm - 8.00pm at the Methodist Church in Nicolson Square.   In a relaxed atmosphere, we listen to one of the group talk about their Faith. Afterwards we enjoy a delicious simple vegetarian meal and chat together. If anyone who wants to go would prefer company, please get in touch with me - Eilie Blackwood (0131 447 9537). Full details of their autumn programme are on our inter-faith page.



max_400_400_progressive_christianity_network_britain.jpgThe Edinburgh group of PCN meets in Room 2 of the Cluny Centre on Braid Road, which has on-street parking, and is also accessible by bus to Morningside Station.  Meetings are on the last Monday of the month, 7.30pm - 9.30pm. All are welcome. We seek to provide a forum where we can explore questions and experiences which are part of our Christian journey. The PCN web site can be accessed here . The Edinburgh Group's Programme can be found under the 'Scotland' section.



newingtonchurchestogether.gifMayfield Salisbury Parish Church is a member of Newington Churches Together. Details of events organised by this group can be found on their web site http://www.newingtonchurches.org.uk/


Annual Information Card

The Mayfield Salisbury annual information card for 2017 - 2018 is available here




We now have a vacancy for a Pastoral Assistant. Closing date: 23rd February More information HERE


The construction of step free access to the Church front door on Mayfield Road, being one of the objectives agreed upon at our Congregational Gathering and in the subsequent Congregational Conversations, is a special project due to begin soon.  If you are able to support this work, please pick up a leaflet at one of the church entrances or email the Church Manger for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Your help is very much appreciated!   Thank you!

  • Because God is both knowable and unknowable the tension of the symbol, the multilayers of the myth and the openness of the poetic are all vital to our desire to celebrate the Mystery to whom we relate and in whom we have our being.
    Mark Oakley

  • You must love him as he is: neither God, nor spirit, nor image; even more, the One without commingling, pure, luminous ...

    Meister Eckhart

  • The purpose of our life is God's glory. However lowly a life is, that is what makes it great.
    Oscar Romero

  • Faith may justify bigotry or fanaticism, as Church history tragically witnesses. It needs a safeguard. If it is not animated as it were by the greatest of the theological virtues (love), faith can become defective.
    Thomas Norris

  • Dry not, dry not, your tears of love eternal! Only to eyes that fail to weep does this world seem so dull and dead. Dry not, dry not, those long, sad tears of love.
    Johann von Goette

  • The post modern paradigm manifests itself as a unity which preserves diversity and diversity which strives after unity.
    David Bosch

  • There is only one assertion that requires no evidence. Children are a sacred trust...Unless we care properly for our children, we shall never build a better world.
    'A Good Childhood’ The Children’s Society

  • These are only hints and guesses, hints followed by guesses; and the rest is prayer.
    'The Dry Salvages' T.S.Eliot

  • According to strict truth, God is incomprehensible, and incapable of being measured.

  • Myth is a story about the way things never were, but always are.
    Thomas Mann

  • In the darkness ...The child of your love - and now become as the most hated one - the one You have thrown away as unwanted - unloved ..... The darkness is so dark .... I have no faith.
    Mother Teresa

  • I love the Bible. I owe my faith and my life to the Bible and its liberating message. It is in the Bible that I first met Jesus ... I too am included in God's embrace.
    Gene Robinson

  • It is this great absence that is like a presence, that compels me to address it without hope of a reply ....
    R.S. Thomas

  • Faith is not a proud self-consistent philosophy. It involves maintaining oneself between contradictions that can't be solved by analysis. It is therefore a living response to the grace of God as revealed in fragile lives.
    Mark Oakley

  • Any religion which does not say that God is hidden is not true.
    Blaise Pascal

  • The contemporary Church is losing aspects of its wide and generous memory and therefore condemning itself to become a 'swimming pool Church' - one that has all the noise coming from the shallow end.
    Mark Oakley

  • For all your doctrinal headaches take Paradox.
    Mark Oakley

  • The true vision and the true knowledge of what we seek consists precisely in not seeing, in an awareness that our goal transcends all knowledge and is everywhere cut off from us by the darkness of incomprehensibility.
    St Gregory of Nyssa

  • Death, death be hanged, the Lord has promised me that I shall live. This I believe!
    Martin Luther

  • We feel that even when all possible scientific questions have been answered, the problems of life have not been put to rest.

  • Religion is the flight of the alone to the Alone.

  • Stupid clergymen appeal quite directly to a Bible passage directly understood ....
    Soren Kirkegaard

  • What is the point of the arts of reading and criticism as long as the ecclesiastical interpretation of the Bible, Protestant as well as Catholic, is cultivated as ever?
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  • A figure like Ecclesiast, rugged and luminous, chants in the dark a text that is the answer, although obscure.
    Wallace Stevens

  • Myth is the poetry of the soul.
    Sara Maitland

  • Our loss of the ability to think mythically, poetically, allegorically, creatively, theologically, and artfully is a greater threat to our religious experience than anything good scientists have to report ...
    Sara Maitland

  • In general, Zen attitude is that words and truth are incompatible, or at least that no words can capture truth.
    Douglas Hofstadter

  • 'God' is a one word poem
    Rowan Williams

  • What is today? Today is eternity.
    Meister Eckhart

  • Apprehend God in all things, for God is in all things.
    Meister Eckhart

  • The most powerful hunger we have, mostly suppressed and misdirected, is the hunger for God.
    Miroslav Volf

  • We frequently judge that things are as we wish them to be, for through personal feeling true perspective is easily lost.
    Thomas a Kempis

  • Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
    Rabindranath Tagore

  • God is the beyond in our midst.
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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